When did the Primm MX Collection begin?

About 15 years ago, one of Greg Primm’s friends, Dave McGachan from Kolbe Honda called and said he had a guy that had a pair of first year Elsinores for sale. Greg had been a long time Honda fan and loved the classic lines they had with their silver gas tanks and Honda wings logos. After that initial purchase he got the old bike fever. Soon thereafter the goal was to find one of each big bike, CR’s from ’73-’81, and then it was the Suzuki RM’s, so on and so forth. During the course of the collecting process various bikes from outside the initial goal became available, like works bikes and exotic machines that were never imported into the U.S. Once the Collection began to gain momentum memorabilia also became of high interest and the word spread amongst the industry that someone was finally creating a resting place for items of interest. This has lead to many great pieces being donated by riders and companies from around the world.

Why does the Collection exist?

Motocross requires more from man and machine than any other sport in existence and the past 50 years it has produced a rich history of heroes and high points, yet there has been no museum or hall of fame that is dedicated to the sport…until now.

The Collection is committed to be a sanctuary and central preservation point for everything that is historic, relevant and fun about motocross, from works bikes to widgets, Puch twin carb 250’s to Preston Petty fenders, Full Bore boots to Flying Finn mud flaps. If it was a part of motocross it is either in the collection or needs to be. Whether it is fifty years old or five minutes past the dropping of the checkered flag, it is an important part of the story of our sport and it will have a home for generations to come.

The Primm MX Collection started as the result of one man’s passion for the sport. That man is Greg Primm. In the past ten years the collection has evolved into a project that is supported by a legion of faithful fans, first class companies and some of the sports brightest stars.

While the motocross community maybe small in the overall percentage of motor-sports, it is large in numbers and resources to make a significant contribution to preserving our history. Individual contributors will therefore be key to telling the complete story of motocross as we know it. If you are a part of motocross, you can be a part of this undertaking by getting involved.

Greg Primm's Honda Elsinore

The bike that started it all