Jul 30, 2018

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The story of “BIG JIM”, the security guard at PMXC

Tony Berluti and I were out working in my shop one day and he asked for a wrench. I handed him a 6″ crescent wrench. He replied back to me, “No man I need a really big wrench. You know like “BIG JIM” size!”

So later that day I went to a local tool shop in Las Vegas and I said, “Give me the biggest crescent wrench you have. Well, I didn’t know that they made wrenches that big. When I showed Tony he had a big laugh and said, “WOW, that really is “BIG JIM”.” So I wrote “BIG JIM” on the wrench with a sharpie. I have never used “BIG JIM” since but I’ll always remember that day. Oh, by the way, Tony works for Team Suzuki and is Michael Byrne’s mechanic for 2018.

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