These are quotes taken from visitors of the Primm MX Collection upon visiting here in Vegas. The quotes reflect each individuals joy, reflection, and awe while taking in so much history in one place.

We will continue to add quotes, impressions, and experiences as we get closer to opening for public viewing.

– Joe Bonello

“The Primm MX Collection is the most comprehensive collection of motocross machines and memorabilia in the world. A “must see” for enthusiasts who love the history of motocross in America.”
– Tom White, Founder – White Brothers

“It’s an incredible piece of MX history. A must see!”
– Mike Gosselaar – Team Suzuki

“The Primm MX Collection is the SHRINE of all that is Moto. My entire life and childhood is in there. Like a motocrosser to Mecca, a Primm MX Collection pilgrimage is to be considered a requirement for passage to the big track in the sky, and you must visit to fulfill your obligation to the Moto-Gods. I think every rider’s meeting at every track in the world should take a moment to face towards Las Vegas and the Primm museum, and say thanks. It’s powerful. It’s amazing. All our moto history is there. Now, he just needs Madame Tussauds to start wax figures of the great racers of all time, starting with Joel Robert, DeCoster and RC.”
– David Kimmey – Engine Ice

“The most fantastic trip down memory lane any motocross rider who grew up with the sport could ever imagine!”
– Scott Wallenberg, former Monark factory rider and Publisher of Racer X magazine

“I think Primm MX Collection is kind of the Disney World of Motocross.…at least that’s how it felt to me. The hairs on my neck still stand up when I think about it.”
– Marc Estabrooks – EXOST

“Visiting the Primm MX Collection was like revisiting my childhood: Works bikes, retro riding gear, old magazines and stickers and just everything. It was like returning to the 1980’s….with a pit pass!”
– Davey Coombs

“Being able to contribute to something as spectacular and meaningful as the Primm MX Collection is much more important than having a cool conversation piece in the garage. Greg has preserved the history of our sport for generation after generation to enjoy, and motocross is lucky to have an individual as passionate, committed and devoted as Gregory Primm.”
– Donn Maeda, Editor – TransWorld Motocross Magazine

“Step back in time. The most amazing collection of pristine motocross bikes I have ever seen. These classic restorations take you on a memorable journey through the history of motocross. Thank you Greg Primm!”
– Bob Maynard, CEO – THOR Division

“EVERY TIME I am in Vegas I have to pay homage to the Primm MX Collection.”
– Rob Buydos – Parts Unlimited

“The Primm MX Collection is a bridge from today back to remember when.”
– Rick Doughty – Vintage Iron

“Words cannot describe the feeling of walking inside the Primm museum. It is just overwhelming, all the history. I saw some of the old beasts I used to ride way back in the day. Greg has done a class act in preserving our sport. He pulls no punches and takes care of this art like it is in a glass jar. This is a must see for all moto heads alike, young and old. Every time I come to Las Vegas I will have to stop by and drool over the history of this sport that I love so much.”
– Allen Picard – Worldwide Sports Management

“After visiting the Primm museum and seeing the all the bikes and memorabilia on display, I was reminded of just how lucky we are to be a part of something called motorcycling. My hat is off to Greg Primm for preserving the memories and history of a great sport.”
– Keith McCarty, Racing Division Manager – Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A

“It’s easy to take the success and mainstream popularity of motocross for granted today in this age of factory superstars, full stadiums, and weekly moto TV, but it wasn’t always so.

When I was a kid riding my ’69 Rupp Digger and dreaming about a Bonanza Mini Motocross, there was one motocross a year on TV, the Carlsbad GP on Wide World of Sports, and most people’s knowledge of motorcycling was limited to Evel Knievel and the Hell’s Angels.

A year later I attended my first motocross, the Trans Am event at Unadilla Valley in upstate New York. MY GOD! That gorgeous track… the cool damp weather and the fall colors. The electrifying sound of wide open expansion chambers… the smell of bean oil, and churned up top soil, the ultra cool gear, the trick European motorcycles and the invincible European Iron men that rode them, I was hooked !

Motocross has a rich history full of epic races, great riders, gutsy entrepreneurs, and visionary experimenters, and the Primm MX Collection showcases it all! When I visited the museum the sights and smells of that first race came flooding back to me as real today as they where that Sunday afternoon 35 years ago!”
– Rich Winkler – Dirt Wurx USA