Aug 11, 2018

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Mixing Motorsports: Best Longboards

Mixing Motorsports: Best Longboards

There is no secret that us bikeheads don’t only enjoy motocross as a hobby; we often love other outdoor-sy type hobbies as well. For me at least, my favorite outdoor hobby outside of collecting and riding MX bicycles was longboarding back when I was a little more fit. This article comes out of passion for me, as I enjoyed the skateboarding scene, even just collecting decks and whatnot, just as I collect bikes today. They are interchangeable and are a means for getting from point A to point B, so what’s not to like? Plus, motorized longboards is becoming a thing and in due time, I expect it to be somewhat of a more popular motorsport. Anyway, here is my love for the hobby and I hope you enjoy looking through some longboards!

The best longboards may not be the same as the best skateboards of this century, but they’re absolutely worth buying! Longboarding is a lot of fun for those who know how to do it. However, even beginners may not have too rough a time if they choose just the right board for themselves.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to longboard skateboards, it’s high time you put some thought into selecting the right one. Otherwise, you may risk skinning your elbows and knees, along with causing several kinds of injuries to yourself and others if you don’t pick a good one.

There are several longboards for sale on the market today. They don’t all possess the same features, nor are they all for the same skill level. In order to avoid the stumbling and the pain, focus on the correct size, maneuverability, and proper weight distribution. Not sure about how to buy the best longboard for developing your skills? We’ll help you out with some details below, and then give you a look at the top best longboards of this year:

Buying Guide for the Best Longboards

You may want a longboard simply for fun, or to have an environmentally- friendly mode of transportation, or to perform a few stunts. When you take a look at the best longboards in the market, you’ll notice a lot of attractive models. However, focus on your intended purpose as well as your skill level during this task. This would greatly help you in shortlisting the best skateboards.

You should also consider the features offered by the boards you’re considering after your research. There are also several parts involved in a longboard, so make sure you have the options and budget to have it customized according to your wishes. The tips below will help you make a decision:

1. Match Basic With Basic

If you need a longboard for some basic need, you need to make some no-nonsense choices as well. If you’re new at this, you probably just want the longboard for simple cruising purposes. This means that your main use would be getting from one point to another on a fairly level, smooth piece of ground. This could be your college campus, office premises, or even the outdoors if you live in such a place.

Once you get the hang of longboarding, you may want to use it for more extreme and risky purposes. These could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Freestyling: This involves using your longboard for performing stunts instead of traveling. You may use it while doing a handstand, riding it for a long distance just standing on one foot, jumping over obstacles, and so on.
  • Free riding: If you have more of a hilly area to cover, you would use your longboard for this purpose after some practice and training.
  • Downhill: This makes use of steep, high areas with fast speeds. Very precise maneuvering is involved in this case.

Customizing your own longboard is very satisfying, similar to customizing and collecting MX bicycles

Whichever of the uses you mean to put your longboard to, make sure the product is capable of it. Many manufacturers will put the use of the longboard they offer right in its product description. If you’re not sure about whether a certain board would hold up to your needs, take a look at some customer ratings and reviews. These will help you best decide upon the strength and resistance level as well as the maneuverability of your chosen item.

2. Picking The Right Shape

Longboards come in many shapes and sizes. You may get confused by them, so start off by narrowing it all down to the designs that suit your need when longboarding. Cruising longboarders have more options than the more adventurous ones. You should also think further and see what you aim for in longboarding. If you live in a hilly area, for instance, you may want to get a longboard that’s highly maneuverable even if you’re not at that skill level yet.

For cruising, you should look at the shapes of longboard known as the drop through, pintail, drop down bamboo, cruise, and commuter. The drop through and drop down options are good for those beginners who intend to move on to free riding and freestyling. On the other hand, downhill maneuvering works well with top mounts, speed boards, and cruisers.

3. Length and Width

In many ways, the dimensions of a longboard play a huge part in its usefulness to a rider. You need to ensure that the width of the board is not narrower than the shoe size you wear. This is because the positioning of your feet would make your toes and your heels pint in opposite directions. In short, you’d frequently need to put your foot along the width of the board rather than face forward.

The length of the longboard you choose would give you an idea of its stability. You should take your height into account since short riders would probably find the longest boards difficult to handle. The same goes for young kids. Taller riders, however, should go for the longest ones they can find. If you’re just starting out, go for the middle-sized ones.

4. The Deck Profile

The deck is the main board that one would actually stand upon. You should check out a picture and examine the deck profile before making any purchase final. The profiles also come in three options: flat, camber, and rocker.

A camber deck would have a rise in its middle and be a good choice for simple cruising. Flat decks, on the other hand, have a completely level surface apart from their kicktails. This is by far the best option for freestyling uses. Rockers have a dip right in the center of the boards and are the best choice for downhill riding and free riding.

5. The Flexibility Factor

When you’re browsing longboards, you would notice a flexibility rating on each item. This would be any one of the labels among soft, medium/soft, medium/stiff, or just stiff. Get a softchoice if you mainly want a smooth cruising experience, since these are the long boards that would absorb the most shock.

A soft/medium choice is best for freestyling as well as cruising. A medium-stiff one is great for freeriding and cruising. If you want to shoot downhill at high speed, go for a stiff option. The option you finally choose should depend on the main use you have in plan.

6. Kicktails

Some longboards will have kicktails; others won’t. There’s no difference in these options when it comes to beginners, so this isn’t much of an issue for them.

Kicktails are good for helping longboarders make turns more quickly, so you may want to consider them if you’re meaning to do tricks on your board.

Not having a kicktail would mean a stable ride, so beginners may like this option. However, they may not want to be limited by the lack of kicktails if they mean to perform tricks and stunts later on.

There are several more hardware options to consider before deciding upon the absolute best longboard for yourself. However, these would be best understood if we started looking at the best options available to us. A few of these are discussed below:

1. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

This longboard boasts a deck measuring 44x10x5.5 inches. This is an ideal choice if you want a longboard for both cruising and downhill riding. It can be an excellent way to get to school, get around town, or just for riding on the sidewalk for fun.

The wheels on this board have dimensions of 70mmx51mm. They also have a resistance of 80A, further enabling this board to withstand both extensive cruising and high-speed riding down steep hills. Since the size of the wheels is quite big, it makes for smooth riding and transport. There are aluminum trucks inverted on this board as well. They measure around 7-inches, which is great for preventing wheel bite.

The deck of this bamboo board is of a 5-ply hardwood maple, according to the experts at Active Authorities. This material makes it quite stiff, but it still retains a nice flex. The construction overall makes for a classy, elegant look that would also last for a long time.

2. Atom Drop Through

This board measures around 10.6 x 41.7-Inches and weighs 8.8 pounds. It’s a well-known option for its sturdiness, steady ride, and durability. This is the board you need for your extreme downhill riding!

The deck is a highly comfortable one and would also cater to beginners as well as experts. With the Reverse Kingpin trucks, you can be sure to stay safe even when riding among the steepest hills. These trucks have around 245mm axles and ABEC 9 bearing, both of which come together for an easy cruising experience even on rugged terrain. Along with all this, the grip tape has an 80S rating, making for a stable, smooth, safe ride even when shooting along at the highest speeds.

All in all, this is the longboard you want for taking all kinds of risks and adventures! It’ll keep you safe and sound while allowing all the thrills you’ve dreamed of in your longboarding journey.

Going downhill on a longboard is thrilling, just like motocross

3. Atom Pintail Longboard

The dimensions of this longboard are around 9.4 x 39 inches. This is an amazing choice for those who are complete novices in the world of longboarding. Since you have to start somewhere, this is the board that will provide you the basics without going overboard.

The deck shape and maple laminate material help in avoiding wheel bite. This will make sure that the wheels don’t catch on the board itself or anything else, thus preventing many a nasty fall. This longboard also boasts aluminum trucks that measure around 8.5 inches. These are highly sturdy, durable, and lasting; making sure your ride is a very safe one indeed. As an added bonus, the laminating would mean you get to practice in all sorts of weather without worrying about the outside elements causing any damage.

There are ABEC 5 bearings included in this pintail longboard. The 78A wheels made of urethane are also amazing for gripping onto all kinds of terrain. You can thus rise as fast as you wish and feel like a true pro from the very beginning! A full review on this board is available by skateboarding authority Heelside Chill here:

4. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down

As mentioned in the name, this Yocaher offering is a drop down board, making it a great choice for more professional longboard riders. Its dimensions measure 41.2 x 9 x 5 inches and its weight is around 8.2 pounds. Since this is a professional board, it may be wise for beginners to hold off on purchasing it, especially if they have to stretch their budge thin to do so.

In the long run, however, investing in this longboard may be well worth it. You’d be able to use it as an alternative mode of transportation, hence saving on fuel and maintenance costs.

The Q-ball wheels on this item measure 70×52 mm, which are prevented from biting thanks to the heavy trucks and the 180mm hanger. The 78A wheel hardness also contributes to the stability and durability of this board. The chrome bearings and high-quality grip only add to the safety and sturdiness.

The material of this longboard is 9-ply Canadian Maple. This ensures that you’ll be riding safely whether it’s cruising or freestyling. With the drop down design, you’re near the floor and can do all the stunts your heart desires!


It’s recommended that you start off with a beginner board if you’re a novice to longboarding. Keep in mind, however, that you’d have to upgrade to a premium brand if you want to continue with your longboarding journey later on. At the end of the day, the longboard you choose will be according to your likes, dislike, and goals alone.

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